perfect solutions for complex challenges​​​​​​​

The next generation of product development, whenever the requirements do not allow a straight-ahead development line. Surroundings, where you have a lot of complex multidimensional issue combinations, are not solvable with traditional settings of development processes. For disruptive innovations, you need disruptive processes. ​​​​​​​

Living in the 21st century we all are faced with a complete new dimension of issues. The world is in a dramatic multi-dimensional change.

On one side of that move, we never have had access to such a huge dimension of knowledge and scientific results, we never have been able to get any information we want at any place where we are. The distances in the world shrank together to a minimum, there are excellent and fast traffic lines on rails, roads and in the air. Communication via teleconferences, skype, mail, cloud data and real-time chats is easier going around the world than at any time before. In each of our portable smart phones is by far more space for information than the library of Alexandria covered over all.

On the other hand, we are faced with challenges which are gigantic. As result of our civilization the world population is increasing in a way which is unbelievable. Energy consumption and pollution are speeding up year by year, although a lot of civilized countries are trying to decelerate that trend. Diseases, which seemed to be eradicated, popping up again, civilization diseases seem to be unstoppable and completely new effects, like multi-resistances, are growing.

So – although we have the hugest knowledge database ever and easy access to it – we are still struggling with a lot of issues – Why is that the case?

The complexity of our issues raises together with our knowledge, but it is not following in line or only in square – no, it is raising in cube or an even higher power.

Therefore, we need answers! The NextGen-Development Strategy from velixX is one of these answers.

velixX was founded in 2010 by a senior development engineer, who, at that point of time, has had over 20 years of experience, mainly as project leader at Roche Diagnostics. During these years, the big industries changed their philosophy from in-house development to outsourcing nearly everything. Therefore, the founder had to engage a lot of companies to support and develop the products and got a lot of knowledge, how these service companies work, some of them with an excellent performance, others not. That was the reason to make it different – make it better.

What is the difference?

velixX has set-up a company with the power of a huge development office, but with lean structure and dynamic of owner-managed companies. All network partners are highly committed and act responsibly for the whole team. All the selected partner companies are over years very familiar with the leadership of velixX and have a perfect common understanding of the execution of the projects. In addition, there is an excellent relationship to high tech research institutes like Hahn-Schickard, NMI, ILM, Fraunhofer etc. and for special questions velixX has some superior senior consultants, e.g. from the Health-Care Shapers and has access to outstanding retired experts.

NextGen Development: Very specific experts for complex challenges working in a powerful network of velixX

With that powerfulness velixX is able to manage very complex development projects, but is also the right contact to analyze difficult issues and find solutions for unsolved issues.

The NextGen development strategy from velixX offers some outstanding solutions for the complexity of new Health-Care Products in the 21st century.

  • One-Stop-Shop – velixX is your contractor
  • Excellent team members – subject-specific development companies
  • Senior experts and institutes – tailored to the specific issues
  • Short reaction and development times – less overhead, owner-managed companies
  • Lowest Costs – high efficiency and target orientation

The better way – how velixX works!

The first and most important step is to analyze the customer needs and requirements, to discuss the feasibilities and costs and consults the customer to find the best way to his goal.

Then, tailored to the specific project needs, a customized project team, from industrial design, technical disciplines (electronic, mechanics, software, optics, …) up to Quality management, regulatory affairs and manufacturers, is established.  Research institutes, consultants and special seniors join the team temporarily for individual topics, whenever their hints or support are valuable.

The execution of the project is completely in the hand of velixX, time and cost management monthly reported and risk management and product filing is accompanying the whole process. Most of the processes run in parallel to be as cost- and time saving as possible.

Whenever you have an ambiguous development of an innovative Health-Care product, especially in the system interface between human material, disposable and technical device, you can ask velixX to support you. It makes no difference, whether you only need some consulting, a technical due diligence, a feasibility study or a complete product development, velixX is the ideal partner for you.