At Haselmeier, our mission is to create products enabling a convenient and comfortable experience. This is why patient feedback is integrated early in our device designs. Early concepts are prototyped for testing and Human Factors studies to capture the handling needs and skills of potential users. This knowledge is integrated into the device design to provide successful administration of the drug product and a positive user experience.

Successful development and industrialization of drug delivery devices is dependent upon the understanding and execution of today’s technical, regulatory and operational requirements. At Haselmeier we provide integrated design, development and industrialization services to help you bridge your serial product into the market. Our qualified design control process, certified quality system, regulatory expertise, solid network of partners and strong manufacturing operations are all designed to achieve your expectations. Together we enable a smooth market introduction for your commercial drug delivery device. 

We understand that each customer has individual and specific requirements for their product. Regardless of your requirements, Haselmeier applies the highest quality standard for manufacturing your drug delivery device to ensure a reliable and reproducible manufacturing and quality process. We work continuously with our customers to identify product improvements at all stages of the product’s lifecycle to provide a safe and state-of-the art drug delivery device.

Drug Delivery. Tailormade.