Discover the n° 1 alternative 
to stainless steel medical wires 

Reduce your production costs while expanding your design possibilities with Bezinal® XC and Bezinal® XP coated steel wires

The alternative to stainless steel
More design possibilities
Easy to process
Prolonged shelf-life
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Bezinal​​​​​​​® coated steel wires for use in medical applications

Meeting FDA and EFSA quality standards, Bezinal® XP and Bezinal® XC zinc-aluminum coated high carbon steel wires are an economical alternative to stainless steel for the production of medical springs in non-invasive surgical instruments such as in aerosols, inhalers, retractable syringes and dosing or auto-injector pens.

While Bezinal® XP excels in corrosion and cathodic protection, Bezinal® XC is characterized by a very stable coating integrity that can withstand heavy deformation without losing overall performance. Bezinal® XP and Bezinal® XC address several market demands like the increased need for miniaturization, prolonged shelf life and cost-efficient production.

Ideal for small, light and complex medical tools

Bezinal® XP and Bezinal® XC coated steel wires meet the growing need for smaller, lighter and more complex medical tools. The wires offer improved material properties over stainless steel the production of medical springs; Not only do they exhibit extended corrosion performance; they also demonstrate improved material properties including a 17% higher e-modulus and a higher maximum solid stress (+6% for non-stressed and up to +9% for pre-stressed springs) when applying standard designs. Moreover, it’s generally accepted that (pre-coated) high carbon wire solutions show better fatigue performance than stainless alternatives.  

As a result, these wires allow you to:

meet tight tolerances
produce smaller spring dimensions 
with higher spring rates
maintain high accuracy and repeatability

Easy to process, with low production costs

Unlike galvanized wires, Bezinal® XP and Bezinal® XC wires have very stable coatings layers. They create less flaking and dust during coiling and deformation, leading to much more cost-efficient production process: 

creates a cleaner working environment 
reduces frequency of machine cleaning 
allows production at higher coiling speeds
eliminates the need for expensive post-coating processes

Read more about the process qualities of Bezinal® XP and Bezinal® XC in our whitepaper. 

Prolonged shelf-life

Due to high corrosion resistance and cathodic protection ability, Bezinal® XP and Bezinal® XC are not susceptible to pitting corrosion and are capable of protecting defects for a prolonged time. Compared to galvanized or phospated wires, Bezinal® XC coated wires last about 10x longer and Bezinal® XP wires up to 20x longer, without additional post-coating.  

Read more about the corrosion performance of Bezinal® XP (red and white rust protection and cathodic protection) in our whitepaper.

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