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The number of years since the discovery of X-rays by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen


The FDA has reached out to 63 companies in China that make essential medical devices that could be disrupted by COVID-19 


Chinese gene giant BGI Group claims it can sequence a genome for just $100


The reported worth of Microsoft’s new healthcare initiative 'AI for Health'

5 billion 

The number of people who currently do not have access to safe, timely and affordable surgical care according to the WHO

 Top Stories 

 Bioprinting scaffolds inside wounds

Researchers at the University of Connecticut have developed a bioprinter that deposits a biocompatible fibrous scaffold directly into its final location inside a wound.

This approach doesn’t require any suturing to deposit the printable gel that serves as the matrix within which new cells can proliferate and grow.

Source: Medgadget

 Med tech in the air 

University of Aberdeen spin-out Mime Technologies has unveiled a new wireless smart device designed to support cabin crew when a medical emergency occurs, suitable for business jets and commercial aviation.

Source: Med Tech News

 COVID-19 highlights FDA blind spots

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, concerns have been raised over the supply of medical devices from China-based supplies.

Source: Med Tech Dive

 WHO steps up action to improve access to safe blood

The World Health Organization has revealed a new action plan to speed up universal access to safe blood and blood products.

Source: WHO

Embracing Emerging Technologies 


Launched in 2016, UK-based Thriva offers an at-home finger-prick blood test that patients can use to track and monitor their health.

Touch Surgery

UK start-up Touch Surgery has developed an interactive mobile surgical simulator to help train medical professionals.


Canada-based eSight offers electronic glasses that help the visually impaired patients to see without undergoing surgery.


Founded in Singapore in 2015, Biofourmis is a global health IT start-up focused on remote patient monitoring.

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