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ISSUE 25 // MARCH 2020

in this issue

issue 25  // MARCH 2020

It’s been little over a century since plastic surgery emerged as a treatment for wounded soldiers in WWI. While the general concept remains the same, technology has completely revolutionised the possibilities of reconstructive surgery. To find out more, we explore the arsenal of sophisticated systems and devices being used in plastic surgery.

Also in this issue, we examine a new adhesive that could replace traditional sutures, explore efforts to improve access to women-specific medical innovations in Asia, and review a new technique that allows researchers to 3D print living skin complete with blood cells, which could transform skin grafts.

Plus, we investigate the potential of deep brain stimulation in the treatment of mental illness, dive into the complex subject of regulating medical devices in India, and debate plans to have newborns in the UK receive whole genome sequencing at birth.

Finally, we find out how the US FDA plans to rehabilitate non-compliant device manufacturers, and get the latest insight, innovation trends and analysis from GlobalData.

Eloise McLennan, editor