Project Updates

Philips Incisive CT Scanner

Credit: Business Wire

Project type: CT Scanner

Developer: Royal Philips

Applications: Indicated for head, whole body, cardiac and vascular X-ray CT applications

Development Status: Approved in the US and Europe

The Incisive CT scanner is a computed tomography (CT) system developed by Netherlands-based health technology solutions provider Royal Philips.

Portrait Mobile Wireless Monitoring Solution, US

Credit: Business Wire

Project type: Wireless monitoring system 

Developer: GE HealthCare

Applications: Patient monitoring in healthcare settings

Development Status: Approved in the US

Portrait Mobile is a wireless monitoring system developed by GE HealthCare. It uses wearable sensors for early detection of inpatient deterioration in healthcare settings.

 Koning Vera Breast CT System, US

Credit: Koning Corporation

Project type: Breast imaging device

Developer: Koning Health

Applications: Diagnostic imaging of the breast

Development Status: Approved in the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, and Qatar

Koning Vera Breast CT is a 3D breast imaging device used to improve assessment and the patient examination experience.