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ISSUE 30 // AUGUST 2020

in this issue

issue 30 // AUGUST 2020

For astronauts undertaking lengthy missions in outer space, muscle loss presents a serious health risk. To help combat the effects of micro-gravity on the body, researchers have been exploring the potential of using nanofluidic delivery systems that gradually release drug doses to the patient. We take a look at the success of the implant in mice subjects, and examine the need for coders and coding standards as medical devices become more sophisticated.

Also in this issue, we examine the capability of mental health apps, explore the rise of South Korea as a medical technology hotspot following the country’s high-profile response to Covid-19, and as telehealth enjoys a surge in popularity amid lockdown and social distancing measures, we look to the future to see how remote appointments could change healthcare as we know it.

Plus, we speak to US-based epigenetics company Volition to learn what’s next for blood testing technology in the cancer space, find out what the MDR delay means for European medtech in a special roundtable feature, and take a look at the data privacy implications of digital immunity passports: do the negatives outweigh the positives?

All this, plus the latest trends, insight and analysis in medical devices and technologies from GlobalData.

Eloise McLennan, editor