eIFU management

Compliant.  Controlled.  Convenient.

dokspot is an off-the-shelf eIFU management solution compliant with global eIFU regulations. The product was designed by regulatory experts and software engineers, and provides medical device manufacturers with a controlled and convenient solution to communicating their IFU online.

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MDR 23.1 Compliance

With MDR, medical device manufacturers are required to make available and keep up-to-date any device safety and performance information through their company website. dokspot is a standardized solution that allows manufacturers to successfully and promptly address this requirement.

Global eIFU Compliance

With global eIFU regulations, select manufacturers have the option to ship products without paper IFU. dokspot fulfills all additional eIFU requirements, laying the ground for manufacturers to remove the paper-form IFU, reduce process complexity and mitigate risk.


ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management

Validated software with documented releases

Continuously monitored for availability

SSL encryption and integrity protection


No development, setup, or infrastructure investment

No technical resources for operation and maintenance

Integrates into website and corporate identity

Expandable to all types of product resources

About us

dokspot is a Swiss based software-as-a-service company focused on eIFU for medical devices. Since 2014, international manufacturers trust dokspot to securely and reliably communicate the IFU of thousands of medical devices through manufacturer-branded eIFU websites.

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