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special issue // yearbook 2018

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special issue // yearbook 2018

The rise of medical devices has forced medical authorities to rapidly revaluate their processes as innovation continues to outpace regulation. We take a look back at some of the most notable developments in med tech, including a new method to grow bone from stem cells and a breakthrough in wireless charging for implants.

Also, we review the biggest stories from this year, including Silicon Valley Bank’s initiative to fund med tech innovation from the ground up, an innovative molecular imaging instrument that could help nip drug failure in the bud, and round up key machine learning developments in the medical field.

Plus, we find out how healthcare providers can realise the vision of connected healthcare delivery by capitalising on the second wave of digitisation, profile disposable diagnostics tools helping to address the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance, and explore the super-sized medical device sector in Costa Rica.

Finally, we take a look at the challenge of regulating 3D printed medical devices and ask if hospitals should eschew single use tools and focus on reusing more medical devices as a cheap and safe alternative to buying expensive new equipment.

Eloise McLennan, editor