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issue 9 // september 2018

in this issue

issue 9 // september 2018

Researchers at MIT have created a new in vivo networking system that can wirelessly power and communicate with medical devices inside the body. The hope is that by eliminating the need for batteries devices can be made much smaller, opening up new possibilities for drug delivery, monitoring and treatment. We speak to the team behind the study to find out more.

Plus, we take a look at UK-based mobile diagnostics service VisitHealth to find out how tech is helping GPs to remotely communicate with and treat patients in their home, explore the potential of a new electronic chip intended for use as part of a disposable diagnostic tool, and profile the fast-growing medical technology sector in Costa Rica.

Also in this issue, we examine the efficacy of human organ systems in pharma testing and find out how life sciences organisations can overcome barriers to digital transformation in research and development.

As always, we also round up the latest news from GlobalData’s healthcare analysts on market dynamics, product innovation, regional developments and regulatory issues.

Eloise McLennan, editor