The Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit is returning for the 3rd annual event in London! Hear from industry leaders, academics, researchers and innovative startups working to advance deep learning technology in Healthcare. Focusing on topics such as medical imaging, speech recognition, diagnostics, pattern recognition and how these are applied within Healthcare. The summit is a great way to discover the latest insights, evaluate your position within the field and how the impacts can affect yourself and your work and network with people working in the field to create opportunities to collaborate and broaden your knowledge. 

The Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit is this year co-located with the Deep Learning Summit. The Deep Learning Summit is set to explore the latest technological advancements in the field and how they are applied across various industries including finance, retail, manufacturing and many others. With presentations, panel sessions and workshops from industry leaders, researchers and academics and innovative startups, the two-day summit will be an opportunity to improve your knowledge and networking with leading experts in the field. 

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