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VARTA is your reliable companion from childhood to adulthood

VARTA accompanies you through your entire life with the objective to make it as comfortable and easy as possible. VARTA microbattery energy solutions for medical applications offer the best quality along the complete production process and highest safety standards. We can provide top battery performances with our standard and customized battery solutions for various applications, such as baby monitoring systems, digital thermometers, blood pressure meter, smart patches, insulin pumps and smart pills, as well as intelligent fall detection systems, hearing aids and many more. 

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Application examples:

  • Insulin pads

  • Insulin pumps

  • Glucose monitoring

  • Drug delivery services

  • Smart baby monitoring

  • Fall detection systems

  • Smart pills

  • Smart cams

  • Dental appliances

  • Blood pressure monitoring

  • Diagnostic services

  • Smart patches (e.g. wound healing etc.)

  • Sleep buds

  • Digital thermometers

  • Smart inhalers

  • Defibrillators

  • Narcotic vaporisers

  • Ventilators

  • Covid-19 antigen tests

  • Wearable sensors

  • TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)

  • Scales

  • Implants

  • Hearing aids

Benefits for professional medical applications:

  • Strong premium brand to support professional use

  • High-level and safe products

  • Best quality control

  • UL recognition for all lithium button cells

  • Top performance with a wide temperature range

  • Superior shelf life and operational lifetime

  • Low self-discharge

  • Resistance to corrosive environments

  • Standard and customised battery solutions

  • Wide range of application knowledge

For more information on our battery solutions for medical applications please see: www.varta-ag.com/medical

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