Sandvik acquires Accuratech Group

Sandvik acquires Accuratech Group which is a consolidation of three smaller entities; Polyfil AG, Galvarex S.A and Polyflex s.r.l. consisting of in total 52 employees.

Polyfil and Galvarex are based in Switzerland and Polyflex in Italy. Polyfil is a manufacturer of micro wire and tubes, wire insulations and micro technologies. Galvarex is specialized in surface treatments, electroplating and assembly of semi-finished and finished micro-electronic products. Polyflex focuses solely on assembly of semi-finished and finished micro-electronic products.

“This acquisition is a strategic important step for Sandvik Materials Technology and our growth journey in the medical sector. The footprint of Accuratech will allow us to both have manufacturing and provide for further expansion in Europe and Asia”, says Göran Björkman, President, Sandvik Materials Technology.

Part of Sandvik Materials Technology is the Business Unit Medical which serves customers within the medical wire-based solutions business, but they also have customers in other segments where ultra-fine wire for micro-technologies is used, for example automotive and luxury.

“Through this acquisition we strengthen Business Unit Medical’s wire forming and component manufacturing capabilities and broaden the product portfolio with medical micro-tubes. I am pleased to welcome all employees at Polyfil, Galvarex and Polyflex to the Sandvik family”, says Gary Davies, Head of Business Unit Medical.The three entities;

Polyfil, Galvarex and Polyflex will operate under their current company names until further notice.

Anders Björklund, VP Sandvik Materials Technology and Gerhard Roth, chairman at the seller OPP Beteiligungen AG, shake hands after the deal is done.

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