Over the last 50 years, Apple Rubber has designed and manufactured millions of critical sealing solutions. Thanks to our extensive sealing expertise, Apple Rubber is the trusted source for high-quality medical seals that have gone on to save lives in 50 countries. Our engineers utilize state-of-the-art 3D CAD and CAM technology, in-house molding, and our Class 10000 ISO 7 Certified Cleanroom to ensure that every one of our medical seals meets our customers’ exact specifications.

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Small and Large Quality Prototyping

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In addition to expert design engineering, Apple Rubber’s in-house manufacturing capabilities also include custom prototyping, setting us apart from other manufacturers. Our design engineers work directly with customers to provide immediate feedback on ways to improve prototype design and future production, saving on cost and lead time.

Through prototyping, engineers can reduce design risks, map out the preliminary design process, make customizations where necessary, and manage time effectively. 

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Trusted Quality Control

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Every industry, from medical to automotive, establishes strict quality regulations on manufactured parts. That’s why Apple Rubber thoroughly tests each material and part to ensure that it meets all necessary standards.

From raw materials to finished products, Apple Rubber performs rigorous quality control testing at every step of the production process. Our quality assurance testing includes a production process analyzer, tensile, density, and FTIR testing. 

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With an extended range of sealing solutions, Apple Rubber offers a wide variety of rubber parts and seals to meet the requirements of any sealing application. Our precise in-house tooling allows us to tackle large and small quantity production for standard, complex and customized designs.

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