About electronic sensor technology

Electronic Sensor Technology, Inc has developed and patented a breakthrough chemical vapor analysis process. This process applies gas chromatography calculations and technology toward a wide variety of industries, including Homeland Security, Life Sciences, Chemical and Petrochemical, Food & Beverage and Environmental. How does gas chromatography work? With rapid, accurate analysis of chemical odors and vapors, this patented technology helps to provide real-time analysis for quick response solutions.


zNose® detects potential threat by monitoring ambient air chemistry within ships, cargos, buildings and airport premises using ultra-fast gas chromatography and surface acoustic wave (SAW) detector, rendering a complete security system.


Better and faster than other electronic sniffers in the market. Understands customer needs & fits into a wide range of industries.There is a big list of reasons why zNose® is the most trusted instrument in the market today.

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zNose® monitors the air chemistry within buildings and compares it with the building's normal background signature. It recognizes the threatening odors and helps to keep the security at buildings intact. It also provides aid to:

  • Screen and monitor public buildings and transportation facilities
  • Analyze suspicious odors and hazardous industrial materials
  • Provide sensitive and rapid warning for fixed sites such as, government buildings etc.
  • Keep a check on ambient odor of subway stations, financial centers and high-value industries

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