High-Tech Lasers

for Medical


VERSA-LSS4 Wavelength

Laser Diode System

Wavelength: 405nm – 785nm

Power output: up to 250mW per wavelength

Optical output: free space, SM, PM and MM fiber options

Integrated controller | Excellent beam quality | Low noise |

USB or RS-232 interface with GUI | Single interface for multiple outputs |

OEM head or end-user systems

Stradus – High Stability Laser Modules
and Systems


Wavelength: 375nm – 940nm

Power output: 25mW – 250mW

Modulation: TTL – 300MHz, analogue - 500kHz

AKELA Lasers

Fiber-coupled and free-space laser diode modules with
optical output 
Power: up to 100W
Wavelengths: 375nm – 2 microns 

NSTL Lasers Series


single-frequency laser with digital control of the radiation power

and temperature of the laser diode.

Wavelength / power output:

405nm / 20mW

532nm / 50mW

633nm / 50mW

785nm / 100mW

Diode and DPSS Lasers

with Fiber Output

Wavelength / power output:

450nm / 1W – 200W

532nm / 1W – 20W

545nm / 1W – 5W

635nm /1W – 200W

915, 940, 980nm / 1W – 300W

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