Editor's letter

Issue 76 • July 2024

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Welcome to the latest issue of the Medical Technology magazine

In this month’s edition of Medical Technology, we look at the promising future of bioplastics in medical devices.

In an era where sustainability is paramount, the most promising technological innovations are now targeting reduced use of plastics in medical devices. While bioplastics remain a niche with only 1% of total plastic production, there is a movement towards their wider development. According to European Bioplastics, in 2020, global production capacity exceeded 2.1 million tonnes, and is projected to reach 2.9 million tonnes by 2025.

We also look at the strategies device manufacturers are adopting to overcome supply chain challenges. As of 2024, manufacturers are allocating 3-5% of their revenue on supply chain services and supply chain costs represent up to 20% of their revenue.

All this and the latest medical device industry news, comment, and analysis from GlobalData.  

Catherine Longworth, editor