High Performance Motion Control on an ICs 

Performance Motion Devices’ technology controls more than five million motors worldwide and is a core component of FDA and 510K approved equipment. We have years of experience with precision fluid pumping and handling, centrifuges, blood analyzers, medical sample delivery, and other laboratory automation applications. We help OEMs meet strict requirements and guarantee long-term product availability, which has allowed our products to be part of surgical tools, heart assist pumps and imaging systems.


Our breakthrough products pair IC packaging advantages with standard PC-based interfaces. Our multi-motor ICs and amplifiers modules allow for change in motor types without re-designing boards. Performance Motion Devices consistently works to change the landscape of motion control; adding advanced features and capabilities to support our client’s applications. We continue to produce new ICs and modules that deliver greater function in continually smaller packaging to meet your evolving needs. With our high PWM frequency and advanced digital current loop, PMD has found ways to give precise control over very small motors, whose low resistance would typically be difficult to measure or control. 


PMD is ready to support you on your next motion control project.