High Power Laser Source 
for Any Medical Laser System

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Multi-Color Laser Diode Modules

- Up to Eight Different Wavelengths

- Visible (405-638nm) and IR   (730/830nm)

- Single or Multiple Fibers 400μm

- Independently Modulated Colors

- Easy Integration into OEM Systems

IR Laser Diode Modules 
with Mulit-Wavelengths

- Three Different Wavelengths in IR

- 808nm, 9xxnm, 1064nm

- Combined with Red or Green Pilot Beam

- Single 200μm or 400μm Detachable Fiber

High Power Blue Laser Diode Module

- Outstanding Brightness
- 10W at 450nm from a105μm Fiber
- Integrated Water Chiller and Thermistor 
- Particularly Reliable

Fiber-coupled IR Laser Diodes

- Wavelengths 1310nm – 1650nm
- Up to 300mW from a Single Mode Fiber 
- Up to 6W from a 200μm Fiber
- With Aiming Beam, TEC and Thermistor

High Power IR Laser Diode Modules

- Wavelengths 1470nm, 1530nm,1940nm 
- Power Output 10W – 60W
- Ultra Compact Package
- Ideal for Surgical Laser Applications

High Power 
Various Wavelength 
DPSS Lasers

- Wavelengths from UV to deep IR

- Power Output 5W to 100W CW

- Energy up to 100mJ Q-switch

- OEM Controller for Easy Integration