Project Updates

Cumulus Neuroscience Dry-Sensor EEG Headset, US

Credit: Siemens Healthineers

Project type: EEG headset 

Developer: Cumulus Neuroscience  

Applications: Diagnostic assessment and remote monitoring of patient’s brain functions through EEG data 

Technology: The Cumulus platform 

Development Status: Approved in the US and the UK 

Abbott ID NOW Covid-19 Detection Test System

Credit: NeuroLogica

Project type: COVID-19 detection test kit 

Developer: Abbott 

Applications: Qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus nucleic acid in COVID-19 patient
Technology: Molecular point-of-care diagnostic medical device for Covid-19 detection in less than five minutes 

Development Status: Authorised under FDA’s Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA), Canada, Japan and European Union 

Lenire Bimodal Neuromodulation Device, USA

Credit: Abbott

Project type: Bimodal neuromodulation device 

Developer: Neuromod devices 

Technology: Neuromodulation device for the treatment of tinnitus 

Applications: Tinnitus treatment 

Development Status: Approved in the US and Europe