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issue 7 // May 2018

in this issue

issue 7 // May 2018

The UK’s National Centre for Healthcare Photonics is due to open this year and will focus on developing novel technologies for imaging, diagnostics and therapy, as well as offering an open-access workspace for industry collaborations. We find out what the new photonics centre will offer to the UK's medical technology community.  

We also look into concerns raised by the Association of British Healthcare Industries over the future of healthcare exports to the EU, which has been identified as a major target for growth, and find out what it will take to facilitate smooth trade of medical products in a post-Brexit future. 

Plus, we speak to ApoQlar about its Virtual Surgery Intelligence, a software tool that creates mixed reality 3D models from MRI and CT scans to help surgeons prepare for surgical procedures, and take a look at emerging technologies set to disrupt the healthcare sector in the near future. 

As always, we also get the latest comment and analysis from GlobalData’s healthcare analysts on market dynamics, product innovation, regional developments and regulatory issues.  

Susanne Hauner, editor