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The ElectroCraft
Medical Robotic Offer 

The trend toward increased automation in surgical equipment continues. The accuracy and minimal invasiveness of today's surgical equipment has truly revolutionized the modern operating room. Stepper, brush and brushless DC motors, gearmotors, mechanical actuators and drives are all key components in this type of automated equipment. ElectroCraft offers a wide variety of solutions for traction, steering, arm/joint positioning and end of arm tooling control.

The ElectroCraft MP Gearmotor series is ideal for wheel-drive systems, while the RPX and LRPX series, small frame brushless DC motors and gearmotors will provide the motion control solutions for precise actuation, positioning and gripping while offering quiet, low power consumption in a compact form factor.

These are just a sampling of the applications that ElectroCraft provides motion control solutions for in the medical market, and only a hint at future innovation. As a custom motor and motion control solution provider, ElectroCraft is the ideal partner for your medical equipment requirements.