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Issue 52 • July 2022

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In this issue, we take a dive into the metaverse - a decentralised virtual world that is set to revolutionise a number of industries, including healthcare.

In addition to looking at key metaverse trends, we also explore whether it could be the next frontier in clinical trials. Indeed the metaverse could help break down barriers in healthcare, but experts caution the clinical trials sector to go slow.

Also in this issue, we ask how the industry can make lateral flow tests (LFTs) more sustainable. Self-testing has become a regular part of life, thanks to the pandemic. But what does the boom in lateral flow tests mean for the environment, and what can medical device companies do about all that single-use plastic?

Elsewhere we take a look at foreign direct investment in medical devices and the affordability of 3D printed organs.

Keep reading for all the latest medical device industry news, comment, data and analysis from GlobalData.

Kezia Parkins, editor