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Issue 47 • January 2022

Last year, a court told the FDA it had wrongly classified a device as a drug, raising questions about how medicines and devices are defined by the agency. In this issue, we explore which products fall into the grey area between drugs and devices and the financial and regulatory consequences for companies whose products are moved from one category to another.

Also in this issue, we speak to XIL Health founder and CEO Susan Lang about the future potential of 3D printed drugs. We hear why Lang believes 3D printing in drug manufacturing could revolutionise personalised medicine, democratise access to medicines, improve sustainability in the supply chain and speed up the response time when infectious diseases spread.

Plus, we investigate the recent rise in telemedicine fraud and ask what the industry can do about it, take a look at the winners of the Medical Device Network 2021 Excellence Awards, and offer our usual round-up of news, analysis and data from GlobalData.

Kezia Parkins, editor