Medical robotics devices are destined to revolutionise healthcare. Amidst a variety of applications, in this issue we explore the remaining challenges that robotic-powered prostheses in development need to overcome in order to become fully functional mind-controlled limbs. To complement this analysis, the competitive dynamics of the orthopaedic robotics market is discussed in our Comment section.

Digital health is another disruptive trend that has been deserving our continued attention. In this occasion we zoom into youth mental health and examine the potential that digital interventions such as virtual therapy sessions or mental health have to help with the growing effort required from mental health services to support this particularly vulnerable population.

Elsewhere in this issue, our new medical devices editor Catherine Longworth (who will be leading Medical Technology going forward) discusses the liquid biopsy market implications of the landmark decision by the European Commission to block Illumina’s quest for Grail. Can cancer detection innovators breathe a sigh of relief?

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Alvaro Arjona PhD, editor-in-chief