Project Updates

AVEIR DR Dual Chamber Leadless Pacemaker System, USA

Project type: Pacemaker system 

Developer: Abbott 

Applications: Treatment of abnormal or slow heart rhythms 

Technology: i2i communication technology 

Development Status: Approved in the US

The AVEIR Dual Chamber (DR) leadless pacing system is designed and developed by Abbott, a US-based medical device company, to treat abnormal or slow heart rhythms.

NeurOptics’ NPi-300 Automated Pupillometer, US

Project type: Automated pupillometer 

Developer: NeurOptics 

Applications: Early detection of traumatic brain injury, stroke, seizure or other neurological events following cardiac arrest and other conditions

NeurOptics’ NPi-300 Pupillometer is a handheld optical scanner that measures pupil size and reactivity in patients.

EchoNous’ Kosmos Portable Ultrasound System, USA

Project type: AI-assisted handheld ultrasound scanner 

Developer: EchoNous 

Weight: 879g (31oz) 

Development Status: Approved in the US and Europe

Kosmos is a portable, artificial intelligence (AI)-guided ultrasound scanner for high-resolution imaging of the heart, lungs and abdomen.