Thermal Solutions For 
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Thermal Solutions


Increasing demands for technical innovation and performance are key drivers for the medical industry. Next-generation medical devices need to be smaller, faster, more precise, and more reliable. Thermal management is more critical than ever in safely and consistently attaining these challenging new technical requirements. WATLOW provides leading technology that helps medical device designers and manufacturers to solve their most challenging thermal problems.

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High-Performance Solutions

Ultra-fast ramp rates, high watt densities and low leakage current make this heater best suited for Medical and Clinical applications, where electrical safety, small size and cleanliness are critical.

A small, lightweight, high-performance heater with optimized heat transfer and temperature uniformity. Thanks to its high watt density it offers an ultra-fast response time leading to the best system performance.
The FLUENT Heater is suitable for CLASS I medical devices.

Polyimide is a thin, lightweight organic polymer film which provides excellent tensile strength, tear resistance and dimensional stability. This heater is ideal for DNA analysis equipment and clinical diagnostic instrumentation that require low outgassing in a vacuum or resistance to radiation, fungus, and chemicals.

Watlow silicone rubber heaters are rugged, yet thin, lightweight and flexible. Use of these heaters is limited only by the imagination.

Best suited to put heat where it is needed to improve heat transfer, speed warm-ups and decrease wattage requirements.

PM-PLUS, PM-Legacy & F4T

Industry-leading, integrated multi-function controllers combine temperature, process, and machine control. These industry-leading controllers enhance the user experience with an interface that enables an easy setup. With configurable solutions, to meet every thermal requirement and to bring your equipment to the next level.

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