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issue 12 // FEBRUARY 2019

in this issue

issue 12 // febrUARY 2019

Detecting language problems early can help practitioners to improve conditions that can hamper a child’s progress, and now a team at San Diego State University is using advanced computer comprehension tasks to detect language problems a full two years earlier. We find out how the technology could impact treatment for children.

Also, we find out how companies can address the complex arrangements needed to store, keep and own patient data at all levels in order to empower patients by providing them with seamless access to their own medical data, take a look at a machine-learning model developed by researchers from MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital that could aid critical decisions in sepsis care, and explore the history and future of MRI machines with Avingtrans.

Plus, we examine a high-tech approach for seeking biomarkers for autism spectrum disorder, profile the life of innovator and Medtronic founder Earl Bakken, and as always, we round up the latest news from the medical device industry, and get comment and analysis from GlobalData’s healthcare analysts on market dynamics, product innovation, regional developments and regulatory issues.

Eloise McLennan, editor