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Our journey towards an independent company

The Annual General Meeting of Sandvik resolved, in accordance with the Board of Directors’ proposal, to distribute and list Sandvik Materials Technology (SMT) on Nasdaq Stockhom August 31, 2022. SMT will be renamed Alleima at the day of listing. 


his is a great opportunity for SMT being a world-leading player in its fields, and a strong performer when compared with relevant competitors. An independent SMT will provide full focus and help us realize our full potential and provide the best possible conditions for growth and development going forward.

With a clear direction for our journey ahead we aim to become an even stronger and independent company within our industry. In the medical field SMT is producing ultra-fine wire and wire-based components for devices used for stimulation, sensing and transmitting signals in or outside the human body. SMT is also manufacture strip, ultra-fine tubes and offer extensive plating capabilities of wire or parts used in medical devices.

Finding the name Alleima

In Alleima we have found a name that encapsulates the core of what we do and our uniqueness in a great way. It will enable us to position ourselves as the technology leader, progressive customer partner, and sustainability driver that we are. There were several factors that were important when choosing a new name, most importantly that the name should support the brand positioning and platform and convey a story about who we are as a company.

The name Alleima combines two cornerstones of our business – alloys (an old version of the word alloy – “alei”) and materials, linking to our heritage and future offering. The name is very different from the names of our competitors and very different from the name “Sandvik”. This has been a conscious decision – it enables a fresh start, and the name has high differentiation potential in our industry. 

Brand promise and business strategy

With “Advancing together” as our brand promise, our business strategy to grow our business through advanced materials technology and close customer partnerships has been closely linked to building the brand.  So, nothing will change, yet everything will be new. We will continue as your partner in the design process and together, we will continue design processes and products that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, but now as Alleima.

When will the new name and brand be activated? 

The activation of the new name and brand towards the market will happen at the date of listing – 31 August 2022. Until then, we will conduct our business unchanged as Sandvik Materials Technology, Polyfil and Galvarex. The new brand will be activated towards our customers and the global market as of listing and rebranding of facility signage, packaging materials, website, etc., will happen in a coordinated manner.

After the brand change SMT, Polyfil and Galvarex all will be re-named Alleima. We will continue to offer the same high-quality and advanced products and services with the same contacts, expertise, and solutions as we do today. Any contracts and orders that formally exist will still be valid even though the name of the legal entity changes. 

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